Ambrx to supply Sino Bio with two next-gen biologics

US-based biotech Ambrx Inc., is set to supply China’s Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd (1177.HK) with two next-generation biologic drug candidates under a license deal. Under the collaboration, Ambrx has already received an upfront payment to create two innovative candidates using its non-natural amino acid incorporation technology platforms. Sino Bio has also agreed to further milestone payments and royalties on any future sales, with details not disclosed.

The deal will lead to a close collaboration between the two firms. Sino Bio will lead IND enabling activities for both China and the US, while global development will be guided jointly. Sino Bio will commercialize resulting products in Greater China, while Ambrx will retain commercial rights for the rest of the world. The San Diego-based Ambrx is owned by Chinese investors, and aims to produce best-in-class therapeutics such as long-acting proteins, bi-specifics and antibody drug conjugates, using its Protein Medicinal Chemistry platform.


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